Your reliable partner
We are building and renovating for you "turnkey"
We are providing "one-stop" building services
We take on the project management of your building project
We guarantee quality and on-time delivery
Our work is cost–efficient and customer orientated
Renovation of Property
Would you like to lower your energy costs or increase the value of your property? Then we are the right partner for you!   General property improvement is among our most important lines of work. We can improve roof and facade of your house, make your property more energy efficient through insulation, window renovations, heating and bathroom installations as well as any other renovation works required - and all with a professional high quality finish

Interior Decoration

A tasteful interior showcases your personality and gives an exclusive flair to your property. Our national and international designers will be presenting to you the best interior decoration ideas for your home including varied choices in natural stone, the latest lighting trends, designer furniture, accessories and the latest video and audio systems.
A Strong Team

Our professional builders and building experts with their professional knowledge and many years of experience will be helping you to make your property dream become reality. Our Team of tradesmen guarantees clean and on-time delivery of the works as well as a high standard of quality.


As a one-stop-shop provider we can put your kitchen ideas within a building project into practice. Our kitchen service comprises designer kitchens, kitchen renovations, modernisation, installation of white goods and kitchen appliances and of kitchen furniture.
Works with Natural Stone

Natural stone brings style and exclusivity to your home and harmony and relaxation to your garden. With our broad spectrum of stone works on offer, both for the interior and exterior of your house, there are no limits to your creativity and display of your individual living ideas.

Bathroom renovation

In order to create and ensure the best bathing and relaxation experience according to your individual ideas and wishes, we can provide a complete service to deliver the bathroom of your dreams: from planning, renovation, installation up to building the bathroom furniture.
Pool and Sauna Installation

By building a high quality bespoke sauna or installing a ready made one provided by our partner manufacturers, by creating a beautiful pool and a tasteful patio we will deliver for you a unique and romantic place to relax in your garden.



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